“I was a cripple that had to use a cane.
Couldn’t stand or walk more than a few feet at a time.
I had surgery 4 months ago.
Everything is wonderful now.
I can stand for hours and walk a mile a day.
I can go walking with my wife.
I can dance in the rain.
I can mow the yard. I can stand and do dishes.
I can wash my car.
I can get things off the top shelf.
I can hug my wife.
I can clean house.
I can look people in the eyes.
I can, and do jump for no reason all the time.”

Found on lovemylife

{jan van holleben}

I’ve been seeing these for about a month all over the place. I couldn’t wait until the scheduled date of the post I’d made; had to bump it up to RIGHT NOW!

Perhaps I’ll experiment with Aidan and friends to do a few of these on my own…

See more of Jan Van Holleben’s work {here}

{etsy bits}

Aren’t these great? I could use one or two of these in my bathroom {everything is pink, black, and cream in there.} I am particularly fond of the girl on the swing, and I’m sure my bestie Francesca would love to get her mitts on the Marie Antoinette one.

{Please click on the images to visit Artist Tina Tarnoff’s store}