{10 no-no’s}

The 10 things you shouldn’t do for earth day (or ever):

1. Don’t drive like a psycho, it can lower your fuel efficiency by 33 percent. {If you can’t figure out what “driving like a psycho” entails, just drive around Miami for a day.}

2. Don’t use cleansers and personal care products that contain triclosan or other antibacterial agents, excessively. Obviously, if you’re a doctor or you work with kids, you might need these. But, if you are not, you’re probably just creating a super-mutant bacteria with that Purel habit.

3. Don’t go shopping without a list! Really, this should be applied for ALL shopping {especially if your name is Ms. Jenn. What? Am I talking to myself on my blog? Crap.} According to the U.S.D.A., we tend to waste 30 percent of our household food budgets buying groceries that eventually expire and end up in the trash. As for me, without a list, I can waste any budget on things I don’t need, but I prefer not to. Make a list, stick to it, and then stick it somewhere in your kitchen so you know what you bought and when.

4. Don’t leave the lights on. You know that rectangular thing on the wall that turns things on and off? Ya, hit that to off before you leave a room. You could save as much as $100 per year by turning off a 100-watt light bulb when you’re not using the light. So, turn off 10 lights and you can rock a kick-ass pair of shoes next year.

5. Don’t leave the computer on if you’re going to be gone longer than two hours, and don’t leave the monitor on if you’re going to be gone longer than 20 minutes. Hello, auto energy saving settings! Also, plug electronics into a power strip, and you can reduce the juice-use by as much as 40 percent. Also, get a new Mac. Ok, whatever I’m biased.

6. Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth. It’ll save up to 8 gallons of water a day, 240 gallons a month – thats hundreds on your water bill each year. And don’t use those stupid disposable rinse cups. Have you ever tried to re-teach a person currently over 60 this? It’s almost impossible. Teach every child you encounter this tip. For real, if you’re at a bus stop and you see a kid and can only say one thing, say this.

7. Don’t buy “snack packs” that come wrapped in cardboard and plastic. Huge waste of resources, energy and your money.

8. Don’t use so much shampoo, soap, lotion, make-up, gel, and perfume. And, consider finding green alternatives or products. No, you will not be crunchy fabulous if you use eco-friendly products. I use a mostly organic shampoo and conditioner, and I’m pretty sure my hair is better than it ever was now than when I used Pantene. Also, invest in powdered dry shampoo. Essential oils rock for perfumes, too.

9. Don’t buy new. Shop auctions, vintage, your friends closet.

10. Don’t sit at your computer all day. Go outside. Really.

Modified by Ms. Jenn
Original by Diane MacEachern, {via} treehugger

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One thought on “{10 no-no’s}

  1. I have something to add- I feel it should be number 1- use reusable bags at stores! Plastic bags use petroleum, can get in waterways and harm wildlife- like birds and especially endangered sea turtles and other species that mistake them for a food source (jellyfish). Great list though!

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