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Lola & I love our jewelry, especially vintage or vintage looking jewelry. You know what’s even better? Eco-fabulous, vintage jewelry made from vintage, recycled, and fair-trade materials that looks like it costs 5 times more than it actually did…

All these GORGEOUS pieces are the work of Gwen Davis and her company, VerdeRocks. Each piece is carefully assembled by hand. {The metal pieces are even polished by hand!} Prices range from $12.00 to $200.00, which is obscenely inexpensive for the quality and beauty. Proof that eco-friendly doesn’t mean outrageously expensive.

And, because they rock so much at VerdeRocks {hehe, I made a funny…} all {Bits of Beauty} readers will receive 20% off from now until May 24th! Just type in bitsofbeauty at checkout.

* Mother’s Day is coming up; just in case you needed an excuse…
* Gentlemen, don’t despair. Besides gaining points with whatever lady you gift to, you can pick up one of these for yourself. Afterall, a gentleman is always discrete.
* Gwen, is amazing. Really, she is.

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