{bits of beauty everywhere}

a favorite sunset I got to watch last year

Finding things that are beautiful everyday. You have to decide to look for them; they won’t always jump up in your face. I guess that’s what this blog is going to be about. This is my place to share with you the bits of beauty I find. Maybe even things that just make life beautiful… So, if something ridiculous makes you laugh, to me that is beautiful and therefore qualifies. Or, if something is sad and provokes emotion, making you appreciate life a little bit more, well then that qualifies, too.

{shrapnel flying, soldier hit the dirt.}
*I’m random.
*I can be sporadic, but faithful.
*I’m a little bit nuts.
So, while there might be a storm of posts one day, there may not be anything for a few days. There will be some things that I know, only I will find funny or appealing, but I’ll take my chances.
I promise, I’ll do my best here.

Take a listen to this song. It’s one of my favorites and one of the reasons for the title {Bits of Beauty}. Enjoy!
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