{cherry, cherry, boom-boom!}

I want to see cherry blossoms. Right. This. Moment. I mean now. Ughhhhh why can’t Florida have a spring full of flowers? Last year, I loved the pictures of the blossoms so much that less than a week later Munchkin and Mommy {that would be me, folks} were on a plane to D.C. with a reservation at the Mandarin. Oh well, next year!

*Just a note, if you ever go to see the blossoms check out if there are any deals at the Mandarin. The hotel is closest to the mecca of the blossoms. Hotels in Washington D.C. can be stupidly expensive, but I scored the 5 star Mandarin for the same price as 3 and 4 star hotels that were located closer to the White House and museums.

More pictures of blooms {via}
Apartment Therapy
Childhood Flames

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