I had a beautiful day yesterday. Actually, I had a beautiful weekend…much needed after a downer of a week. Visited the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens on Saturday. Somehow, I was able to snap some pictures with dog, munchkin, handbag, hand fan, and parasol in tow. {“What? Hand fan and parasol!” Yes, I frequently carry one or both. It’s Florida. 94 degrees in April. Pretty and sweet way to stay cool, no?}

Adriana w/ parasol

hand fan = stylish survival
I want one of these. Tiny mountain.

I followed that act by a mini shoe-shopping-spree (see post below). On Sunday morning, munchkin and I headed over to The Fresh Market to feed his Lorina addiction. I decided to beautify my day in the simplest way: with flowers. Picked up a tiny violet lollipop, some edible flowers and other deliciousness. Eating beautifully is such a simple pleasure, not enjoyed often enough. I’ll have to try harder!
Lola la preciosa
favorite things
Hope you had a beautiful weekend, too!

{other bits of beauty}
* Don’t these make you want to throw a party?
* It would be lovely to be like Dita. Champagne glass shimmy and all.
* Lucia Beccaria via Coco&Kelley. Yes, please.
* Violet rooms via A la parisienne
Two experts in cooking and eating beautifully: Canelle et Vanille and Chocolate & Zucchini
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