{cavalli’s colorful home}

How cool is this color-changing house? Designed by Italo Rota, this mood matching home is located in the hills of Florence and owned by none other than Mr. Roberto Cavalli.

When asked about his favorite color by CNN back in May 2008, Cavalli had this to say:

“It depends on my mood. Sometimes it depends on where I am, sometimes I adore and love red, sometimes the yellow when I am in the country because the yellow that is with the green and around me I say, “Fantastico!” I love the turquoise when I am in my boat and around me you have the light blue, the dark blue, and I say, “My God, I love this special turquoise combination.” I love the combination of colors. Color is my life.”

Indeed, Mr. Cavalli.

Photos originally seen on design milk

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3 thoughts on “{cavalli’s colorful home}

  1. oh those crazy creative types!! 😉 his home is amazing – i don’t know if i could live in it, but i would love to see it in person!

  2. Cassandra – Ok, so here is the deal. Since you’re cool with the Lucky editors, the next time they are in touch with Mr. Cavalli, they’ll just have to insist on a home interview and then bring us along as umm… assistants.

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