{chanel + amelie = joy}

As if playing Chanel were not enough, Audrey was also selected to be the face of Chanel No. 5 in what is possibly the most gorgeous commercial ever. Oh wait, that’s right! It’s not just an ad; it’s a short! {Sorry, no embeddable version yet, so just click on the stills and it will take you to the film.}

Love it. Billie Holiday’s “I’m such a fool to love you”, that gorgeous train, the cinematography, I’m about to run out to buy a bottle and I don’t even like the perfume. {I know, gasp! I’m a violet girl, hence my URL.} The influence of Amelie director, Jean Pierre Jeunet, is immediately obvious. Same film tone and all. Also, notice the allusion to Marilyn Monroe’s only wearing No. 5 to bed. Also, I have to give applause to Tinsley of Starbucks & Jane Austen, for making these stills. More at her blog.

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