{ms. jenn lives for a day}

Well, at least I’d like to live like that glam for a day. Wait, who am I kidding, sometimes I come close, minus the juggling of 3 men. {I do have four fur throws in my bedroom!} Seriously now, I adore Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. The cocktail party, the clothes, Delysia’s flat, Lee Pace’s character {swoon}, the music, all that fur and gold leafing…did I mention Lee Pace’s character is hot? I’m such a sucker for a sweet and tough guy. I’m totally done for if he doesn’t mind getting in a fight when called for. Ok, I’m off topic here. My two favorite things from the movie, which I shall share here, are the scene where they sing “If I didn’t care” and the decor.

How I adore this song! Unfortunately, I could not find the video online without Chinese subtitles, since the intellectual property police probably threatened everyone who’d ever even thought of putting it up.

Stills from Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day {via} Coco & Kelley, Mirror Mirror and the rest of the blogosphere

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