{oh happy day!}

I love planning outings and parties. If you let my imagination run wild, I’ll come up with all sorts of ways to entertain. However, I must admit, this is not something that had occurred to me yet. {Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll just to do it.}

These lucky party guests were surprised with a scavenger hunt that ended with cupcakes and a color fight. Screw work, let’s go do that instead. Thinking of having a color fight, too? You can find the Holi Gulal colors online or at your local Indian store. If you’re really crafty, you can make your own natural powders from here. {Click on colors for instructions.}

Oh, almost forgot. There’s another color fight at the end of this Regina Spector video.

Photos from Oh Happy Day, originally seen on Layers of Meaning.

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One thought on “{oh happy day!}

  1. I totally forgot how wonderful this video is…I listen to her songs almost everyday! She's so whimsical & creative with both lyrics & videos.

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