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This week’s {EBL} is by Anne from City Sage. Anne is one of my top blog reads, so be sure to stop by and become addicted to her blog, if you aren’t already. {She has a lovely giveaway going on, too!} Ok, lets get started.

1. {Layered textiles}: The sight and the feel of a beautifully made bed or a cozy couch throw makes me swoon. Whether it’s knits and flannels in winter or crisp cottons and linens come summer, nothing brings more pleasure than burrowing under the covers.

2. {Perfume and Home Fragrance}: Smell is our most powerful and least appreciated sense. I don’t do scent every day; rather, I spritz Tom Ford’s White Patchouli before a night on the town, or I light my favourite Diptyque candle to welcome guests. Fragrance is my way of marking special occasions.

3. {Mementos}: All the knickknacks on display in our house have significance. We’ve acquired them on our travels, we’re received them as gifts, or we’ve purchased them as tributes to our personality quirks (brass squirrels, anyone?). Our bric-a-brac is a life’s history in object form.

4. {Fruit}: I must have been a parrot or a spider monkey in a previous life, because I just can’t get enough fruit! I love to eat it of course—especially grapes, cherries, and watermelon—but I also admire photos of fruit, fields of fruit, displays of fruit in the store. Fruit is nature’s sweetness in all its glory!

5. {Girly Indulgences}: Flowers and frills, lingerie and lace—just a little touch of something ladylike every day. I think we all need to celebrate our softer sides when the world out there feels hard. Even my mother-in-law, a truly stubborn tomboy, keeps her toiletries in a Liberty print bag.

6. {A Statement Chair}: You don’t need a lot to make a space memorable. A single stand-out chair will do the trick. Pick one that sums up your taste—perhaps a posh yet quirkily upholstered fauteuil, or a sleek Paulistano—put it in your most blah room, and let it work its magic. Instant transformation!

Image Credits: 1. Atlanta Bartlett 2. Shootfactory 3. Flickr 4. Jo Tyler 5. Unknown 6. Anne Naumann 7. Jennifer Altman 8. Flickr 9, 10. Polly Wreford 11. Skona Hem 12. James Tse

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6 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: city sage}

  1. fantastic anne! i definitely need to improve on fragrances as i don't wear perfume and i'm wondering if i just have a weak sense of smell…anyway, yes to a statement chair! everyone needs a good chair.

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