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This week, the lovely Paige of Swoonworthy & Lady Luck shares 7 things and ways to make her life more beautiful. As you’ll see in Paige’s post, simple acts can much improve your life. Take note lovely readers!

1. A made bed. This may sound like a silly one, especially to start with, but taking the time to make the bed in the morning really makes my life a bit more beautiful (a less stressed life is a beautiful life to me!). It starts the day off on a productive note, and feels so much better getting into at the end of a long day. My suggestion is to invest in a pretty duvet and, if possible, large square European pillows/shams that can also act as a headboard if you’re lacking one (I found my set on clearance at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, so it just goes to show pretty things don’t have to be expensive). It instantly feels more glamorous. And I’ve found a made bed automatically makes your bedroom look cleaner, even if your entire wardrobe is on the floor!.

2. Looking put-together everyday. Sweats may be the only thing you have energy to put on in the morning, but try channeling the French and take a minute to put yourself together before you go out. You’ll immediately have more self-confidence, and what’s more beautiful than that? I have made this easier for myself by putting together a routine that I follow every morning. If you wear makeup, put together a little station for yourself where you apply your makeup/do your hair every morning. I have also organized my wardrobe by color (I’ll admit I’m a little obsessive-compulsive at times…), and have stored away my fall/winter items so I don’t have to dig through them to find my spring/summer clothing. It makes putting together outfits so much easier, especially when you’re half asleep. People often think I’ve spent a long time getting ready; but honestly, if you get a routine down and get into the habit of coordinating nice-looking outfits, it becomes just another part of your life. It’s that easy. (If you are struggling with coordinating outfits, I would love to offer free styling advice. Feel free to email me here. If you live in the Seattle area, I can even help you go through your wardrobe in person!)

3. Displaying beautiful things in your space. I have little vignettes arranged throughout my apartment, all of items that I either find beautiful, or have a special meaning to me: family heirlooms, artwork I have created, pretty books, a Buddha from my travels to India, pretty teacups, etc. Now, this doesn’t mean clutter up every surface; but dedicate a space to fill with a few carefully selected items that mean something to you. Change it up every once in awhile.
Another way of doing this is through a coffee table project I recently completed. I have a lot of scraps I consider art (found playing cards, small letterpress cards, scraps of fabric, etc) that I want to keep on display. Instead of spending an arm and a leg framing all of them, I had a piece of glass cut to fit our coffee table and now use it as a rotating gallery for my “artsy bits.” I’ll probably frame them someday, but for now this is a perfect solution.

{A beautiful & simple room}

4. Not having too much “stuff.” I used to have a lot of stuff (well, my boyfriend thinks I still do…), but I have gotten quite good at doing routine purges of things I simply do not use anymore. I keep a bag near the door, and when I realize I haven’t used something in a long time, or am no longer attracted to it, I put it in the bag. When it fills up, I take it to Goodwill. It keeps our apartment and wardrobes looking nice because only the good stuff makes the cut. Sure, there’s the anxiety of, “But what if I need it?” Well, you probably won’t. And all those ticket stubs and little mementos scattered here and there? Unless you’re going to put them all into a beautiful, well-organized scrapbook or file system (or coffee table gallery!), get rid of them. Just because you throw them out doesn’t mean the memory of the occasion goes with it. It will make life so much easier to navigate, and yes, beautiful.

{Paige’s apartment}

5. Our 1920s apartment. The second we walked into it with our landlord, I knew it was the one. If it had one more bedroom and an outdoor space, I might consider living in it forever. It has perfect old-world charm: coved ceilings, crown moulding, built-ins, a separate dining room, wood floors, a circular floorplan, a front and back door, and a view of the Space Needle (yes, all in an apartment!). We’ve been considering buying a home, but we just haven’t come across anything that compares to our cute little place on the top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Despite its tiny kitchen and bathroom (and lack of dishwasher and in-unit washer/dryer), it is apartment perfection in our opinion. We absolutely love living here and realize everyday just how lucky we were to find it.

6. The city of Seattle. Come for a visit and you’ll understand. This place is beyond beautiful.

{Paige & her beau}

7. Having someone or something to truly love. This can be a pet, a family member, a spouse, anyone. For me, it’s my boyfriend. We have been together for three years and have endured quite a lot, including nearly two years of long-distance, and my battle with cancer last year. He loved me even when I would look in the mirror and see a completely different person, overweight and balding from all of the chemotherapy chemicals I was receiving. We share all housework and cleaning, go on lots of walks, and always make each other laugh. We make sure to never take things too seriously, are always completely honest with each other (even if the truth is hard to hear), and never go to bed upset. He is my rock and the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

Thanks Paige!

Photos from 1. decorpad, 2., 3. & 7. Swoonworthy, 4. Coco & Kelley, 5. Paige of Swoonworthy, 6. Flickr

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6 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: swoonworthy}

  1. this is the best list i've ever come across, and the last part is the most true :) thank you so much!

    <3, angelica

  2. great list! i agree about putting makeup on even when you're in sweats and running errands. i just feel SO much better!

  3. phil and i make the bed together every morning :) so i guess i have #1 AND #7! ok i admit, sometimes he makes it for me when i'm running late……

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