{i die}

I went down to South Beach to have my haircut about a month or so ago. {If ever in SoBe, you should really put a call into the Oribe Salon for a cut, or even a glam blowout.} I brought my lovely friend Anton along to spend the day with me. Despite the heat, it was a pretty good day. We stopped by Paul’s for lunch before the appointment and then cooled off at the salon with our spoils.

{Having a Rachel Zoe moment at Fly on South Beach.}

Afterward, we shopped along Lincoln, with the requisite stop at the awesome vintage boutique, Fly. As you can see in the photo above, Fly sells all sorts of things, including fur coats. {Of which we have no use for here in S. Florida, but I had to run and pretend I was Rachel Zoe who is always wearing some fur object.} This is one of the reasons I always carry a camera: for my batshit crazy moments. There is another reason, I insist on shopping with a camera. Now this is where the point of this post comes into play.

While we were at Fly, a girl was trying on a top that was completely hideous on her. It seemed to want to strangle her chest and was the wrong color. Let’s just say the top would have been more suited for Kate Hudson. Her “friends” kept urging her to buy the top, for God only knows what reason. All Anton and I could do was shake our heads. Finally, the poor girl came to the mirror near us and asked us what we thought. Thank goodness! An opportunity to save her from an awful purchase! We tactfully explained that the top was not suited for her, but she seemed to be on the fence still. Finally, a light bulb. Duh, hello! What did I learn from Cher Horowitz in Clueless? Why do I carry a camera when shopping? No, not to take pictures of funny outfits, but to be able to fairly judge how something really looks on. Problem solved. The minute she saw the picture, she decided the top was all wrong.

The moral of the story: Take a picture, it doesn’t lie.

+ One of Oribe’s stylist has a blog.
+ If you do decide to drop in, you should know that all of the stylists are wonderful. My current stylist is Kevin Apple; I highly recommend him. He’s a hair god and a total sweetheart.
+ You can follow Oribe on twitter.
+ In case you are wondering, I believe a cut with Oribe himself costs upwards from $400. If you want to know what your chances of getting in with him are, check his twitter. Good luck.
+ Oribe, if by some strange chance you are reading this. Someday, you will cut and style my hair, if only just once.

Photos: 1. Oribe Salon {via} Genius Hair, 2. mine, 3. Clueless

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  1. Ahh I'm so jealous you got to have a Clueless moment! Good thing you saved that poor girl. Badly-fitting tops are seriously one of the worst things ever.

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