{on von unwerth}

I feel I did not do Ellen von Unwerth justice in my earlier post. She is such a monumental figure in the world of fashion photography. Her work spans editorial, film, ad, and music videos. She has repeatedly been named in the top 50 most influential photographers.

The more I look at her work, even recent work, the more I get that 80’s big supermodel feel from them. I think that this is because her photos focus on the model and the character more than the clothes. The clothes {when there are clothes, because often there are none} are just an enhancement.

The women tend to be made up in full glamour or, on the opposite end, looking very innocent.

In every case, her photographs portray models with strong looks. This may be due to the fact that von Unwerth was a model for 10 years before climbing behind the lens and shooting her friends. {The picture at the top is her comp card.}

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