{rough new cloud}

It seems to be cloud day in the blogosphere. Apparently, there might be a new type of cloud, called Asperatus. I saw some examples over at Rackk and Ruin and decided to explore for myself. What I found is absolutely fascinating. It’s a reminder that things are always changing and that there are still new discoveries to be made. Perhaps, I will crack open my Meteorology textbook this weekend.

Photos by 1. Mark Ellis, 2. Merrick Davies, 3. Ken Prior, 4. Martha Tenney, 5. Tanis Danielson, 6. Laurie Richards 7. David Harris {via} The Cloud Appreciation Society

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6 thoughts on “{rough new cloud}

  1. my previous comment was meant for this post…I scrolled too far below. haha Not that they are lacking anymore brilliance to this set. Thank you again for sharing.

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