{things i loved about the weekend}

* My big loud Cuban family
* Café cubano con Piña Colada
* Playing dominoes {and winning}
* 5 dogs in the house, and Lola shared her toys with all her guests
* Coke in a glass bottle {Why is it that Coke tastes better that way?}
* Mac-n-cheese on a cloudy, quiet Sunday
* An enormous, full-arch rainbow
* Experiencing the feeling of a double-reed again. I haven’t played in 10 years.

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2 thoughts on “{things i loved about the weekend}

  1. aw, i'm so glad Lola was kind with her guests :)
    and you're right, coke in the glass bottles is ten thousand times better than normal coke!
    i hope you're doing well!

    <3, angelica

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