{things that make life beautiful}

Remember how I mentioned that I’d be placing an emphasis on different kinds of beauty in our lives? Well, I am very excited to announce a new series entitled Everyday Beautiful Life {creative title, I know.} In this series, I will be presenting to you what makes life beautiful from different bloggers, photographers, artists, and other figures. I hope that this will help you re-evaluate how you see the world and how you find beauty in your own life.

Below, are a few things that make my life beautiful or ways to make it more so. Enjoy!

{Creating} I can’t think of anything more that helps me appreciate how wonderful this life is. It doesn’t matter how large or how small, the act of creating something brings me joy. I love the challenge. I love the contrast in the moments of stress compared to the victory of having overcome some hurdle in the process. I always learn something new in the process. I love the release it provides, and every time I’m finished with a creation, I am more inspired than I was when I started.

{Belle Fleur candles. My favorite}

{Sensuality} Please, get the idea that sensuality equals sexuality out of your head. Too many people think that way! Our senses are our window to the world around us and they are very much tied to our thoughts, emotions, and moods. It is extremely important to stimulate your senses in a positive way on a daily basis. It can be as simple as making sure to light a scented candle, playing some jazz, or using silk sheets. {Look for a post on having a sensual home in the next few days.}

{Flowers} There is nothing lovelier than fresh flowers in a home. Whenever I’ve had a particularly bad day, I pick up a bouquet (and some champagne perhaps) to enjoy at home. Having that extra bit of beauty in my home always helps improve my mood.

{Entertaining} Maybe it’s the Pisces in me, but I like wrapping people up in a world I create. I love throwing parties. It’s wonderful to sit back and see everyone enjoy themselves. When we were children, we always looked forward to parties of all sorts, but I feel that when we grow up, the lighthearted fun and creativity gets sucked out of parties. It is my pleasure to provide the opportunity.

{Friends, Family & the dog} Without loved ones, what would life be? There is a story about a whale with an unusual call being tracked by NOAA that has been calling out for several years with no response. The whale never gives up. We’re not that different from the whale. We need and call out for interaction with others whom make our lives richer and fulfilled.

{Giving} Giving is best when the other person does not expect it. A selfless act of giving will do more for the soul than any gift you could receive yourself. Random acts of kindness are by nature random acts of beauty.

{Christmas} Giving presents. Creating beautiful things. Expressing my imagination with tons of Christmas trees. Opening presents like a child on Christmas Day. Family and friends all around. Do I really need to go on about why Christmas makes my life beautiful? {We start November 1st at my house.}

{Children} Seeing children grow, their fascination with new things, and their personalities keeps me grounded. Do you remember what it was like to run until you couldn’t breathe and to jump for no reason at all? How much joy did the smallest and simplest things bring you? How often did you use your imagination as a child? {Remember that box that you turned into a house or a rocket ship?} Why do we need to let go of that? Growing up should not mean losing your passion or joy! Children are a reminder of how it is often our behaviors that need to be changed. If you’ve ever seen a child throw a tantrum and then get up like nothing ever happened a minute later, you should understand that we as adults do not need to let our negative emotions linger; that is a learned behavior which we should unlearn. What’s more, ever since I became a mom, I see the potential in every person that much more because I can see it in my son. His sincerity and wit bring beauty to my life every single day.

{Science} I don’t believe that science should make the world seem less miraculous. If anything, it should make the world seem more so! Being able to understand the complexities of time, space, and life has made me appreciate this world and all the things I experience in it so much more.

{Travel & Culture}
I’ve always loved to travel since I was a child, but ever since I majored in History in college, my wanderlust has gotten much worse. To have studied different cultures, their evolution, and to learn how it has influenced my own has given me a sense of perspective that I greatly value. I believe that learning about cultures (including learning the languages) other than our own helps us reach an understanding of our own place in the world. I think that this is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our children. It is the best way to reach peace and erase ignorance and fear of what is different. Being able to travel is one of the most important goals in my life. Luckily my son loves to travel, too.
*thanks Alida for reminding me of this one

Photos by: 1. Tim Walker, 2. Tumblr, 3. Belle Fleur, 4. This is Glamorous, 5. Coco & Kelley, 6. mine 7. Divali Glass Jewelry Blog, 8. This is Glamorous, 9. Elena Kalis, 10. NASA, 11. My Modern met

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6 thoughts on “{things that make life beautiful}

  1. Love this post and the new series!!! I'm working on mine for ya and hope to have it to you before the end of the weekend! Can't wait to see what makes life beautiful for all the bloggers :) Have a fun weekend! xoxo Crystal

  2. I totally love this idea & this post is so beautiful! Everyone should stop to think what truly inspires & is important more often. I definitely want to participate!

  3. Delightful post — it's such a lovely idea to remember the things that make our lives more beautiful — your list is lovely!
    There are currently three bouquets of peonies scattered about, bringing vibrant flashes of pink and an incredible fragrance to the air.

    Thanks for the links :)


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