{just a few things}

Just an FYI, I’ll be moving my blog to self-hosted in the next few days. It will either be www.lilbitsofbeauty.com or www.bitsofbeautydaily.com {feel free to weigh in, since bitsofbeauty.com is being held captive by some unreachable company.} Hopefully, all will go well, with no hiccups. If you see anything odd, please “pardon the dust” so to speak.

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Photo: Christy Turlington {via} Vogue archives

{beach baby}

I’ve had the biggest craving for my toes in the sand and a nice breeze. I actually love going to the beach when it’s cooler {by floridian standards that means under 90 degrees} in the morning or late afternoon. No beachbag or towel; just a dress and maybe a bikini, although these trips are often spontaneous, so there might not be a bikini. Don’t get me wrong, I love the days when I get there early with a picnic, music, books, a blanket, bikini and sunscreen, ready to spend the entire day on the sand. There’s just something so relaxing about doing it the other way, too.

There’s a dog beach about an hour north of where I live. It’s so peaceful and the people are great. Crossing my fingers for good weather this weekend, so Lola can have her first beach experience. {I’m a tad scared that she’ll get washed away by a wave.}

So, what’s your favorite beach experience? Feel free to share in the comments. I’m curious to know.

Photo by Rosie Hardy

{everyday beautiful life: daydream lily}

This week we welcome Liss of Daydream Lily. If you’re not familiar with her dreamy blog, please visit and add it to your reader! Below are 8 things that make Liss’ life beautiful:

1. {Vintage Ceramics} I have an odd collection that I’ve acquired from various shops. All the designs are so delicate and pretty, looking at them makes me happy. They also make for a great talking point at dinner parties!

2. {Illustration & Art} The walls in my house are full of art. I recently got an Audrey Kawasaki limited edition print which has pride of place in my lounge room.

3. {Books} I’m a reader, always have been. There is a picture of me about 7 years old in bed reading this big novel, I think that summed up my childhood. Im always reading something and love getting lost in the stories. Currently reading Almost French.

4. {A Bath} Nothing can change my mood like a nice bath. Even better if you add a nice scent or bath crystals to soak in.

5. {Sweets & Chocolate} I’m more of a dessert and sweets girl then a savoury girl. Its my guilty pleasure!!Its my dream to one day eat at a restaurant and only order dessert.

6. {TV on DVD} I love to get a boxed set and sit and watch the whole season at once. Another of my guilty pleasures.

7. {Blogs & Bloggers} I read so many blogs!!! and all the people who read mine truly make my day. I always say I just love the blogging community.

8. {Dresses} I love dresses, and I love shopping for new ones too. Now I just have to wait for the sunshine to return so I can start wearing them again.

All images from Daydream Lily except: 2. Bec Winnel {Liss’ oh so talented sister!} 4. Bloomacious 6. NY Mag

{exploring everyday}

You don’t need to go on a trip to some foreign land to be an explorer or to have an adventure. You need to just be present, in your surroundings, wherever you may be. If you could take the list above out into the world with you and do these things, instead of just hurrying to the next step or the next place you need to be, you’d be an explorer of your world. Now that’s a beautiful idea… an everyday beautiful idea, perhaps?

image {via} Gala