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Perhaps you’ve seen these shoes before?

They are the work of 30 year old designer, Alexis Mabille, who learned the ropes at YSL and Dior before leaving the nest and taking flight with his own collections. He is one of the few designers who showed this week at the couture shows in Paris.

{Fall Couture 2009}

Mabille’s Fall Couture 2009 collection is quite dreamy, and that is exactly how he intended it to be. Mabille’s inspiration was drawn from bedroom textiles and bedclothes. Compared to his Spring 2009 collection, Mabille’s Fall looks were a tad more cohesive. He still has a thing or two to learn about putting on a tightly edited show, but the foundation of his work is improving. Bows seem to be his thing, making appearances throughout this collection and past. It is quite obvious that Mabille is thinking in terms of business; he bases his accessories collections around these little bows and presents RTW and couture styled looks together. However, I feel that Mabille lacked the showstoppers that are expected during couture shows, save for the cut-out dress shown below.

A few emerging trends also made an appearance during his show. As evident in the photographs below, Mabille tapped into the exposed lingerie and bedroom attire, hooded suits, and elaborate/adorned legwear trends.

{Exposed lingerie, hoods, & adorned legwear. Emerging trends?}

The footwear at Fall 09 was notably more subtle, but still included a few of his bows and adornments. {Note: The bow shoe at top and those below were from previous collections.} I look forward to seeing what Mr. Mabille has in store for the future and watching his talents unfold.

Photos: 1, 5, & 6. Alexis Mabille, 2 & 4. Style edited by me, 3. OnSugar

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4 thoughts on “{alexis mabille}

  1. I have seen the bow shoes and actually featured them on my blog…
    BUT WHO CARES!!!!!!
    Love them! Could look at them every day and that dress! OMG, OMG!!!!
    Need to see the back and the lace leggings!!!
    I am dying over here!

  2. I agree about the dresses — that cut-out dress is a stunner, but the bedroom looks seem a bit more RTW. The lace leggings are divine – esp. paired with the white fluttery top in the first row of pics.

  3. im not so sure about the last few pairs of shoes. BUT the clothes are AMAZING – love the black bows here and there

    good find!

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