{alta costura en paris}

Dior & Givenchy seem to be the smash hits. All the photographs from Givenchy are absolutely stunning. I can see Dior being very influential in trends soon. I adore the hats, but what for sure will be recreated a thousand times over will be the slips peeking out from under skirt, corsets and bras on display, and that cinched up 1950’s silhouette with jacket. I wonder how long it will take Forever 21 or Topshop to knockoff a cinched jacket or tulle skirt. {FYI – Anthropologie sells slips that resemble the Dior ones in-store. Lace, side-slit, and all.}

1-4. Dior {via} Coutorture, 5. Dior, 6 & 7. Givenchy {via} Jak and Jil

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