{beach baby}

I’ve had the biggest craving for my toes in the sand and a nice breeze. I actually love going to the beach when it’s cooler {by floridian standards that means under 90 degrees} in the morning or late afternoon. No beachbag or towel; just a dress and maybe a bikini, although these trips are often spontaneous, so there might not be a bikini. Don’t get me wrong, I love the days when I get there early with a picnic, music, books, a blanket, bikini and sunscreen, ready to spend the entire day on the sand. There’s just something so relaxing about doing it the other way, too.

There’s a dog beach about an hour north of where I live. It’s so peaceful and the people are great. Crossing my fingers for good weather this weekend, so Lola can have her first beach experience. {I’m a tad scared that she’ll get washed away by a wave.}

So, what’s your favorite beach experience? Feel free to share in the comments. I’m curious to know.

Photo by Rosie Hardy

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8 thoughts on “{beach baby}

  1. my favorite beach experience is so simple it's embarrassing! I just love feeling the sand between my toes :-) You picked a gorgeous image to capture the post perfectly!!

  2. There's nothing like it. I love it when I stand on the shore and let the waves come and you can feel the water and sand being pulled from under and around your feet.

  3. Its funny when you live really close to the beach you start to get picky. Oh, its too cloudy, too windy. I know it is really horrible. So my favorite time to go to the beach is on a weekday when there are less people and between noon and three when it is the warmest because it is more refreshing to go in the water when its more hot. Beautiful photo!

  4. i remember a couple summers back, my mom signed me up for a surf camp, it was the best thing she ever did. we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove all the way to a secluded beach where the cliffs were adorned with beautiful houses. we had to drag our boards down an endless flight of stairs and spent the whole morning in the water. we would stop at noon to have lunch and everyone would lay their wetsuits and towels all over the street and start eating. i remembering wishing it would last forever…

  5. My boy and I just went to Seaside Oregon for the first time. I haven’t been to the Ocean in forever. I loved my first look at it. It was huge. I felt so tiny, yet… completely connected.
    .-= RachellĀ“s last blog .. =-.

  6. My favorite beach memory is one I create every time my toes touch the sand. First I stand, facing the ocean, tides washing over my feet and pulling away the shells. I let myself sink deeper and deeper as I observe the infinite blue horizon, listening to the murmuring rhythms of the waves. Then, almost suddenly, I turn and I sprint. I sprint as fast as I can possibly run, as if the sea breezes wrap themselves around my legs and drive new energy into my muscles. The tanning bodies and colorful umbrellas blur; my feet pound the sand, splashing salty water everywhere. I stop. I look back. The population is further behind me than I expected. Slowing my breathing I casually walk the waters edge back to my towel. I plop down and close my eyes.

  7. I always have great memories of the beach. Hawaii, Mexico, California, Florida, all have wonderful memories. I think the best would be Carlsbad in California. The beach and the weather is always beautiful.

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