{etsy bit: masks}

I’m really into these masks {and the headband}, as are other bloggers. They’re by Tom Banwell and are available on Etsy. They aren’t very expensive either, so I’m wondering…

Would you wear a mask on a day other than Halloween?

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3 thoughts on “{etsy bit: masks}

  1. They're gorgeous! I don't think I'd pull it off very well on a normal day though. But if there were ever a masquerade, you'd be all set!


    • she is totally amiznag! i love the wallpaper in her home, her gigantic scissors and the drying of the masks on the radiator. i love that she thinks evil people will choose evil masks, and kindhearted people, joyful masks. so great. love the pink face and orange lips. thanks for sharing, lovely to hear her speak about her work in her own words.

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