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I’m happy to welcome Nicola of Concrete & Honey for this weeks {EBL}. If you haven’t visited it, you’ll want to by the end of this post. She really does have a talent for seeing beauty in everything. I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, but she can even make me appreciate a spider! {I tell you, that is no small task.} I also believe, as you likely will after reading below, that Nicola has mastered the art of beautiful manner and writing.

To the lovely Ms. Jenn,

What a beautiful series you have developed, I am so flattered to be part of it and have loved reading about the where beauty is found in the lives of the contributors so far. How do I live beautifully? How do I narrow it down to just 5-10? From creamy yogurt to magazines and books, pen and paper, fluffy muffins, a perfect coffee, my nephew’s white hair, my sisters bellies full of babies – there is beauty in most everything if you look hard enough, but it’s easiest to see in the things you love the most, these things for me are:

1. {flowers} – A reminder of the absolute perfection of nature, flowers feed my soul.

2. {hand washing} – I work long hours and drop my laundry off at the laundromat, but I make time to cook and I make time to hand wash my beautiful fragile items and hang them out to dry in the sunshine.

3. {bed} – Clean white sheets in summer and cozy pink flanelette sheets in winter. I love sleep and love bed. It’s where I study, draw, write, read, blog

4. {ceramics} – To acquire something fragile and beautiful made by capable hands is a gift and my favourite form of art.

5. {baking} – There’s only one thing more satisfying that baking a beautiful cake; and that’s…

6. {eating cake} …and sharing it with friends and family over hot tea, warm chatter and much laughter.

7. {collected in my travels} – I treasure the bits and pieces i have collected along the journey of my life and are all reminders of where my passion for travel has taken me and what my loved ones have bestowed upon me. i spend a lot of my time dreaming of Paris.

Photos by Nicola of Concrete & Honey

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3 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: concrete & honey}

  1. I agree -she definitely has a talent for seeing the beauty in things others may have overlooked. I love looking at all of Nicola's beautiful photographs!

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