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This week we welcome Liss of Daydream Lily. If you’re not familiar with her dreamy blog, please visit and add it to your reader! Below are 8 things that make Liss’ life beautiful:

1. {Vintage Ceramics} I have an odd collection that I’ve acquired from various shops. All the designs are so delicate and pretty, looking at them makes me happy. They also make for a great talking point at dinner parties!

2. {Illustration & Art} The walls in my house are full of art. I recently got an Audrey Kawasaki limited edition print which has pride of place in my lounge room.

3. {Books} I’m a reader, always have been. There is a picture of me about 7 years old in bed reading this big novel, I think that summed up my childhood. Im always reading something and love getting lost in the stories. Currently reading Almost French.

4. {A Bath} Nothing can change my mood like a nice bath. Even better if you add a nice scent or bath crystals to soak in.

5. {Sweets & Chocolate} I’m more of a dessert and sweets girl then a savoury girl. Its my guilty pleasure!!Its my dream to one day eat at a restaurant and only order dessert.

6. {TV on DVD} I love to get a boxed set and sit and watch the whole season at once. Another of my guilty pleasures.

7. {Blogs & Bloggers} I read so many blogs!!! and all the people who read mine truly make my day. I always say I just love the blogging community.

8. {Dresses} I love dresses, and I love shopping for new ones too. Now I just have to wait for the sunshine to return so I can start wearing them again.

All images from Daydream Lily except: 2. Bec Winnel {Liss’ oh so talented sister!} 4. Bloomacious 6. NY Mag

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8 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: daydream lily}

  1. Definitely very good things that make life beautiful!!

    I totally agree with #'s 2,3,6 and 8!

    I only ever like to watch tv shows when I can watch them all at once.

  2. I love Liss' blog, thx to hers I discovered yours.
    I totally agree with #2,5 & 6, absolutely beautiful things.

  3. this was lovely!!!
    I loved hearing from the wonderful Daydream Lily and the beautiful things she loves.

    I would have to agree with them all.

    especially with the TV series. I always buy tv series DVDs over movies!


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