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It’s that time again! {I’m really loving this series.} This week we have 8 things that make Trina of La La Lovely‘s life beautiful. Please visit her la la lovely blog, and don’t forget to read her “about me”, which is written in rhyme.

{Family & Friends} I have to say there is nothing more meaningful in life than people and especially the people that you love. Things are just things…we get tired of them, they break and/or become useless to us. But the relationships and love that we have, last forever. Love never fails!

{Books} I like to read all kinds of books. And usually I have two or three going at a time. I love reading books that are educational (or ok, to be honest, self help books). Any kind of book that helps me to grow and become a better person.

And of course, I love a good fiction book. I love classic novels. Escaping to another time and another place is what I love the most. Especially on a rainy or overcast day. My favorites are Jane Austen and the sisters Bronte. I don’t always rely on classics because, let’s face, it a good escape from reality sometimes requires totally checking out and for that I rely on chick-lit. I am always drawn to the ones where the girl is traveling abroad or swapping lives or something of that nature.

And last, but certainly not least, I read my Message Bible. This is the one thing that probably brings the most beauty of ALL to my life. Learning and living a life of Love is what it is all about for me.

{Flowers} I have a habit of buying myself flowers. It’s always nice to receive them from your sweetheart but let’s be honest, that sometimes only happens on special occasions. So, why not treat yourself and make the everyday a special occasion? I find that adding even the smallest flower brings such beauty and life to my home. Every time I get a glance I feel a little calmer and happier.

{Tea & Chocolate} I often ask myself, and others, if I had to choose between tea or coffee for the rest of my life, which would it be? And for me, it would certainly be tea. There is something magical and soothing about tea. I always love to make and share a cup of tea for my friends and dear ones. And there is nothing better than having a piece of quality chocolate with your tea.

{Writing} I love to write. Time doesn’t afford me the luxury of writing as much as I would please but when I get a quiet moment or inspiration strikes my soul feels alive. I’ve always kept a journal, I write little stories, and my sister and I write letters back and forth (one of my prized possessions). And actually, one reason I started my blog was an outlet for writing.

{Beauty Products} To me a new eye shadow, face cream or lip-gloss is the perfect pick me up. We all have days were we don’t feel that good about ourselves and I love the feeling of buying something that promises to transform your looks and your life. Of course it doesn’t do that most of the time. But it does add a little glow and shimmer and what can that hurt?

{Travel} I do love to travel. I don’t always like the leaving others behind and the actual getting there bit, but once I am there I love the discovering. For me it’s not just about being there but it’s about what you bring back…the memories, the food, the style, and the trinkets that garnish your home. The most lovely part is that the place kind of stays in your soul.

{Giving Back} It’s not all about ME. It is about others. I find that when I am always thinking about myself I’m usually pretty unhappy but when I look outside of myself and do something for someone else that is what is really fulfilling. I sometimes get caught up in the idea that helping others and making a difference has to be a huge effort but I’m learning more and more each day that sometimes it is the little things that can make the biggest difference. All it takes is looking at your own sphere of influence and helping someone that is already around you (a friend, a neighbor, a grandparent, etc.). And sometimes it is as easy as giving out a smile, listening to someone that needs a friend, making a meal or babysitting.

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8 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: la la lovely}

  1. I totally love this series so! You make everything look so beautiful! I would love to participate in everyday beauty-let me know how.

  2. What lovely words, great idear for a post from a real lady, its put a smile on my face this Friday morning. :)

  3. amazing post. i love getting to know fellow bloggers a bit more. and Trina is such a lovely person, it is wonderful to get to know her better!

  4. I’m with you on the tea! If I had to choose between tea and chocolate… the tea would definitely win.

    Beautiful site btw! Glad I stumbled on to you though a google image search.

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