{friday finds: fluxus}

I think I may have mentioned that I am launching an all fashion blog soon. When I do, I’ve decided that I’ll be featuring a hunt for the most perfect wardrobe staples {the perfect tee, the perfect jeans, etc.} For now, I have a reigning champion in the tee category: Fluxus.

Holy crap, these shirts are the most comfortable things on the planet. I came across two of them at Bloomies a few weeks ago. I’ve never been huge on oversized or boyfriend style tees on me, other than American Apparel Unisex. I’m not a rail, quite the opposite, so I always found that look hard to work with. I need tops with a good cut and most “boyfriend” tees aren’t cut very well. I couldn’t resist the cobweb thin fabric of the shirt you see in my pictures, so I went ahead and tried a two on. Thank goodness I didn’t resist! I ended up buying this top and a pocket tee that looks and feels like I’ve lived in it for years.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten a lookbook or found out if they will be launching a men’s line. {They seem to be switching PR representation, but if I do get something you’ll be sure to see a post.}

So, you want some of this? You are in luck. They are having an end of season sale with 50% off most of their stock. Dresses, skirts, leggings, vests, and of course, perfect tees! Go. NOW!

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