{i heart luxirare}

I have a new blog crush. Really, it’s more than a blog crush, and when you visit Luxirare, you’ll understand why. Foodie and Fashionista, Ji Kim, the author of Luxirare is possibly one of the most creative bloggers I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t just mean the style in which she presents the content on her blog, because frankly her blog is incredibly simple. She designs some amazing clothing, photographs her incredible culinary creations, and her entire blog reflects a cohesive style. Best of all, she frequently gives instructions on how to create her beautiful edible creations.

Seriously, who makes uni at home? Who thinks of making mojito tablets with alka seltzer? Off the freakin’ chain. Do you see these pictures? Are you drooling yet?

That coat is sick. Just wait until you see the rest. {I’d like to know if I can get my hands on a luxirare original.}

Welcome to your new addiction. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “{i heart luxirare}

  1. The problem with Luxirare is her ignorant use and endorsement of real fur – including that of endangered species. Unfortunately this taints the forward-thinking way she uses design and food with a backwards anthropocentric philosophy. Ultimately this leaves me with an impression of her as a talented, but spoilt and privileged personality.

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