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Just an FYI, I’ll be moving my blog to self-hosted in the next few days. It will either be www.lilbitsofbeauty.com or www.bitsofbeautydaily.com {feel free to weigh in, since bitsofbeauty.com is being held captive by some unreachable company.} Hopefully, all will go well, with no hiccups. If you see anything odd, please “pardon the dust” so to speak.

{Some links to visit}
+ Today’s iStyle is about what I would change at Vogue
+ Some awesome levitation photos
+ 2 questions you should ask yourself
+ Yay, baby pictures!
+ Dreamy Tom Munro pics

Photo: Christy Turlington {via} Vogue archives

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7 thoughts on “{just a few things}

  1. Just discovered your blog (through Daydream Lily) a couple days ago. Love it! Was going to link to you from my blog, but I guess I'll wait til the move. I like TeachingInHeels' suggestion of "dailybitsofbeauty."

    • It’s great! I’m still working on making sure the template works for everyone, perhaps change to a flexible width one. Otherwise, its fab :-) If you ever want to move, I have a great guy who helped me out with the redirection, so that no traffic or links from the old to new blogs are broken. I’ll be sending an email around about him because I’m so impressed.

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