{a little mystery}

I’m absolutely enchanted by this photograph. The coquettish peek over the shoulder, the craftsmanship in the dress, the light, and that emphasis on a tiny waist of a woman who is not a rail, gets me. However, I know nothing about the source of the photograph, the model, or the designer. I’d love to know what hands contributed to making such a lovely photograph. If you know anything about the photograph, or even have a suspicion, please leave a comment below.

{Update} Mystery is solved, thanks to Poke Salad Annie of Loose Leaf Tigers. Thanks to Pretty Little World for posting my cry for help up, too!

Model Jean Pachett in dress by Jacques Griffe photographed by Regina Relan

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3 thoughts on “{a little mystery}

  1. the model is Jean Patchett. the photo was taken by German photographer Regina Relan. don't know who made the dress though :)

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