{serena to my blair}

Well, because my internet took a crap and everything I wanted to post is in a document on my laptop at home, today is sort of a BS day. Speaking of B & S, I love Gossip Girl. I also love my best friend, so lets talk about those two subjects, shall we?

It’s all her fault. My best friend, Francesca, got me into Gossip Girl. Well, her and Fashionista that is. It’s such a guilty pleasure. Wouldn’t you know that one of my favorite things about GG is the dynamic between Serena and Blair. It reminds me of Cesca and I. She is the Serena to my Blair. {Except that I’m not as evil and controlling as Blair.}

She’s got the legs and I’ve got the big brown doe eyes. I’m in no way a push over. Stepping on my toes is the wrong thing to do, but I’m a big softie on the inside, like Blair. Although everyone pegs Cesca as the sweet one, she’s capable of pulling the bitchness out of the bag.

We’re not carbon copies of Serena & Blair style, but we each sympathize with our girls. We complement one another. I’m the brunette and she’s the blonde. She, like Serena, is into high hemlines and tighter dresses. She loves blazers, jeans, and over the knee boots. If I hadn’t known her for this long, I’d think she was copying Serena. I go for A-line dresses and skirts, rarely ever wearing jeans. I’m a sucker for a punch of color, well tailored classics, and all things elegantly femme and romantic. Sometimes we switch it up, but it’s almost guaranteed that if I’m wearing ruffles she’ll be in leather, or vice-versa. We even own the same car in different colors {hers is silver and mine is black}, not intentionally. It’s a sort of ying-yang thing.

I’m not going to lie, we’ve had our fair share of drama in our lives, but never over each other. We’ve never really fought. She’s the type of friend that fits into any situation. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it just matters that she’s there. We don’t need to know every secret that the other keeps, and we don’t have to be doing anything at all.

We met in high school and we actually hated one another at first. Who would’ve known that by the end of Senior year, she’d be my partner in crime?

Yes, we play up the blond-brunette best friend factor and love to mess with people. Don’t put it past us to pull a Rolling Stone. Could I ask for a cooler bestie? Have you taken time to appreciate your best friend lately?

Ok, so that’s not Blake & Leighton {aka Serena & Blair}, but I couldn’t resist slipping in this cheeky Ellen von Unwerth picture.

And because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want within the law, here is an awesome balloon post. Yay! Balloons!

Photos from FabSugar, Flickr, Ellen von Unwerth, and Rolling Stone.

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8 thoughts on “{serena to my blair}

  1. Your friendship sounds like oodles of fun!! Love it!!

    I also am head-over-heels for that red dress/blue dress moment in Season 1 of GG — probably my favorite fashion moment in the show, like, ever.

  2. Funny you should mention that dress.. I believe it was designed by Lorrick. I just got some of their looks for Fall. Gorgeous stuff.

  3. Perfect post…so not what I consider BS {but that's just me!} BS= Blair/Serena! I love your whole analogy & of course, all the fun outfits {especially Serena's blue Chanel bag…faint}. So wonderful to have great friends : )

  4. Super-cute post–you two really DO remind me of the infamous UES duo. And many of my now-close friends were former enemies, too! Funny how that works.

  5. This is lovely. I also love the Blair/Serena dynamic, and they really remind me of me and my best friend, Emilie, too. I’m like Blair and she’s like Serena. Your post has inspired me to write one like it.

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