{great read: the locust and the bird}

Random House/Pantheon sent over a few books to be reviewed. Over at the Little Pink Book, I reviewed Not That Kind of Girl, which was not my kind of book. However, I’m happy to report that I very much adore The Locust and the Bird. I only wish I’d read that one first {a. because it is a phenomenal read and b. because they sent the advanced reader’s copy and the book just went on sale on August 25th. Oops, my bad.} My full review will be up at LPB this week.

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{friday finds: harmonie-intérieure}

For a time, Harmonie-intérieure wasn’t selling it’s decals, which made me very sad. I’m happy to report that they are once again selling these lovely creations. My problem now is that I can seem to pick which one I like best. Those flourishes would be lovely for my own use. I adore how whimsical the children’s decals are. {I believe munchkin’s room could benefit from the prince one.}

Great way to liven up a wall, especially if you live in an apartment that you can’t paint. Before you ask: yes, the ship internationally.

On a separate note, I added google friend connect on the sidebar. I always love seeing your faces, so if you were following via friend connect on the old blog just sign-in on this one. {It shouldn’t duplicate the feed in your reader.}

{friday finds: whitten grey}

I love my little boy, but someday I’d like to have a girl. If I had a girl right now, I’d be snatching up these dresses from Whitten Grey. Besides making ridiculously adorable and chic dresses for girls, they make sure that the clothes are environmentally friendly. Wait, wait… there’s more. They have this thing called The Little Grey Dress project, where for each dress purchased they give a dress to a girl who needs one. {Kinda like Toms.} What?! An excuse to shop people, come on. It’s your moral duty.

For where to buy, click here.

{everyday beautiful life: coco & kelley}

I’ve been stoked about this post since the day she said yes. Today we have the amazing Cassandra of Coco & Kelley for our {Everyday Beautiful  Life} guest post.  I’m especially appreciative because she was able to get her post in to me despite a very busy schedule and speaking engagement at Blog Out Loud this past week. Cassandra’s blog led her to open a creative styling business that offers consulting on personal style, interiors, wedding design, and merchandising. A little bird tells us she’s working on a wedding blog, too.

{1} Handwritten notes are so rare these days, so I love giving and receiving them! Of course, the most beautiful part (besides the message) is the gorgeous stationery. I have boxes and boxes full of letterpressed cards that make me so happy every time I pull them out.

{2} I love a well set table. and, why wait for a special occasion? I enjoy putting together a table for two for no reason at all – a small bunch of flowers, a few candles, and linen napkins. makes a Tuesday night feel much more fabulous!

{3} When all else fails to cheer me up, my girlfriends can always make me feel thankful for their friendship and all the little things. Of course, a cupcake picnic would make things even better!

{4} I am a dress addict. I think half my closet is taken up by purchases that I simply couldn’t resist because nothing makes me feel more fabulously feminine than a well cut dress! And when I can’t afford them, i still love to drool over them – especially if they happen to be as gorgeous as these pieces from the Lanvin bridal collection!

{5} Flowers & books should always go hand in hand. I love creating a quiet little corner of my home for a small library and fresh florals. They create instant tranquility and a little escape from the madness of daily life.

{6} One of the things that makes me happiest is treasure hunting! Flea markets, thrift stores, antique malls… I’m like a kid in a candy store. the unique little pieces I find always bring new life to my home, and I love the idea of finding a new purpose for old pieces.

{7} No matter who they’re from, random acts of love never fail to make life more beautiful, especially when they’re unexpected and creative!

{8} Sometimes what we really need when life gets crazy is silence… and what better place to seek refuge than a hot bath? Those little indulgences and moments of getting away from it all are rare, so its important to make time for ourselves to be still and breathe.

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{bag lust}

Ugh, these bags are gorgeous. Not sure which is my fav! {I’m having going through a polaroid phase here.}

1. alexander wang coco duffle 2. antik batik swar pouchette $238, 3. antik batik cross body bag $325 all available {via} shopbop.com