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Yes, it’s Thursday! Man, am I having a nutty week. If there ever was a week to look at the everday beautiful, this is it. This week, we welcome Megan of Sweet & Low. Below she shares 5 things that make her life beautiful. Ready?

1. {Peacock feathers} I find peacocks to be absolutely stunning and beautiful creatures-they have a subtle grace and elegance to them. Instead of having the traditional vase of fresh flowers on my coffee table, I’ve arranged a bouquet of faux peacock feathers.  Every time I pass by the table and see them, I am immediately reminded of all the little beauties of nature.

2. {Hand-written letters} These days, with technological advancements like IPhones, Facebook and Twitter, snail mail seems far and in between.  Sure, it may be quick and easy to send a text message.  Still, nothing compares to receiving a hand-written letter from a family member or friend via the old-fashioned way.

3. {Farmers’ Markets} One of my favorite things to enjoy during the summer months is a weekend trip to a local farmers’ market.  Grocery store produce just can’t compare to the bright colors and smells of home grown tomatoes and peaches.  I recently discovered apple butter and now I just can’t get enough.

4. {Baking} If I’m sad, I bake.  If I’m excited or anxious, I bake.  If I just got the best news of my life, I bake.  Can you see a trend? I tend spend a lot of late summer nights and long weekends scouring websites and old cookbooks for new recipes to try.  I have a killer sweet tooth and love to bake pies, tarts, breads, cakes, cookies…and essentially anything that calls for chocolate.  I like to think of my time in the kitchen as a cheaper alternative to therapy: I just love the idea of creating something delicious from different ingredients and then sharing it with the people I love the most.

5. {Black & White Photography} Two summers ago I took a 2-week trip to Italy, staying in Rome, Venice and Florence.  The experience was probably the best 14 days of my life and I truly cannot wait to go back. While I was there I took hundreds of pictures of hidden alleyways, cozy little mom & pop shops and gorgeous old Italian architecture, all of which were in black and white.  Getting back to the States and developing the film was absolutely breathtaking.  An entire wall of my bedroom is devoted to photos from my trip. To me, nothing is more precious, beautiful or inspirational than that collection of photos.

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