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This week’s {EBL} is from a little blogger named Chelsea of Frolic! and Urban Weeds. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? If you haven’t then please extract yourself from the rock you’ve been under and go visit, after you’ve read this post, that is.

1. {Good Food} I love, love, love great food. Whether it’s a great meal cooked by family or a dinner out at a great Portland restaurant with friends, food often makes my day!

2. {Family} I relish any second I get to spend with my two nieces and two nephews. Kids offer such a refreshing perspective on life.

3. {Flowers} I’ve always been a wee bit obsessed with flowers. Whether it’s a stroll through a garden or a bunch of daisies from the farmer’s market, flowers make each day brighter.

4. {Bicycles} I don’t think life gets lovelier than a bike ride down a hill on a sunny day.

5. {Picnics} A combination of everything I love: nature. food. good friends. I even have picnics in the winter!

All images by Chelsea Fuss

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