{how to be sensual at home}

When was the last time you were sensual? I’m not talking about the last time you put on lingerie and licked your lips or the time you slowly ate a chocolate covered strawberry. If that’s what came to mind, then you definitely need to read this.

Sensuality is an often misinterpreted word; our society limits the meaning of the word to be synonymous with sexuality. {Blame it on the puritans or your parents if you wish, because everyone blames them.} Our senses are our window to the world. They are so important to our lives, yet they are possibly what we take for granted the most. Our senses are tied to our emotions and provide physical cues to our brain of what is good and bad in the world around us. True sensuality is not encouraged by our society, although it should be. Here, you will find a starter guide to making your home a more sensual place, because learning to be sensual should start there.

{Scent} – This is possibly the easiest one, and also, the most powerful. Scent and memory are remarkably linked together. It’s likely that you already work with scent in your home in the form of candles or scented air fresheners. The problem is that we mask odors in our home with them, when really, the candles and air fresheners should be enhancement.

Open your window, doors, and let the air flow so it doesn’t smell stale or musty. Once a month, air out all your comforters, blankets, pillows and linens. Get your air ducts cleaned yearly and make sure to change the filters often. Try to use natural cleaners in the home to get beautiful scents, too. Items containing lemon and lavender are especially clean smelling and invigorating, yet soothing at the same time. Once you are sure that your home smells wonderful without air freshener, then go ahead and buy candles in earthy, natural scents.

{Touch} – In my opinion, this one is frequently neglected in the home. I think this may haves something to do with the fact that so much of the materials in our home are packaged when we buy them. We focus on how it may look, but we don’t really take the time to touch it. Start with a soft chenille or fur throw for instant gratification. {It can be fake, as long as it feels good!}. Add some velvet, satin or silk pillows around your home. Make sure your sheets feel good; bamboo and birch stretch sheets feel like soft tee shirts or you can go with washable silk sheets.

If you can, add different textures to your floors, walls, and any other area of your home that you can.

{Sight} – Have you heard of Hagia Sophia? The former cathedral and mosque, now museum, is nicknamed the “dome of heaven.” The reason? The light coming through the dome is incredible and gives you the feeling that you are no longer in this world. It’s important to use light and shadow correctly in your home, because it will greatly affect your mood. If you can, use natural sunlight to light the room as often as possible. If you don’t have access to natural light, I suggest using a variety of lighting sources and don’t use any fluorescent bulbs.

Color, as you probably already know, is incredibly important to the senses, as is shape. Paint or wall-paper your walls. Hang something colorful on them if you rent and can’t paint. Aim to purchase furniture that has a beautiful shape and is scaled well in your home.

{Taste} – Don’t wait to go out to a restaurant to indulge in a meal or treat that indulges your tastebuds. Make your home a place for this, too. At least once a month, but preferably once a day, eat something indulgent, rich, tasty, and naturally flavored. Chocolate, fruit, yogurt {may I suggest Rachel’s}, an herb roasted cut of meat or veggies – whatever you pick, just make sure it is the best quality you can have.

{Sound} – They don’t make sound machines to help you sleep for nothing! I’m sure you’ve been to yoga or a spa or a department store that played soothing music or sounds in the background. We know that coffee shops and restaurants frequently play a variety of upbeat music, whether jazz, rock, or house. Unfortunately, many of us tend to forget to do this at home. We’re cooking, doing laundry, have the T.V. on, especially if you have kids. {“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob square pants!”}

Turn off the damned T.V. if you aren’t watching it, which you shouldn’t be doing very often anyway. Instead, put on some music. Just as important, take time for silence in your home, where you won’t hear anything other than outside noise. Once you’ve made that a habit, incorporate some non-instrumental sounds into your home. For example, purchase a desktop fountain, wind-chime, or, my favorite, a rain chain.

Trust me, you’ll have a new appreciation for your ears.

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