{sunday brunch: fall dresses}

As I was checking my e-mail this morning, I saw an e-mail pop up announcing new dresses at our friend, Judy Kou’s lovely shop, Sunday Brunch. I basically lost all hope of doing anything else until I finished drooling over every dress and contemplating which dresses to buy {when and how to be determined.} I’m sharing a few notables with you here, although if you really want to see the dresses I want just visit the shop, because I want them all. {You can click on the polaroid to take you to the dress in the online shop, where you can see more detailed views and get an incredibly helpful guide to the fit.}

This dress looks like a stunner. I doubt that photos could do it justice, but from the closeup photo {there is embellishment on the bust} in the shop, I can tell it is beyond gorgeous.

Audrey indeed. If Audrey Hepburn were alive and 25 today, I imagine she’d be wearing this dress. Classy & sexy.

So modest and yet there is something seductive about it. This would be a lovely to wear to work, church, well, anywhere.

I’m not even going to give you any comments because I have to quote Judy’s description:

This dress makes us want to say all sorts of Frenchy French things while wielding a paintbrush in one hand and a double Espresso in the other. The Godard evokes all things Parisian and romantic and amazing. Sacré bleu! S’il vous plait! Soupe du jour! Clearly we don’t speak French but we sure wish we did.

This one is romantic and um, bust enhancing. Or so says Judy, I mean Chuck. {Wink}

Of course, I must mention the Lorick dress, because as you know, here at {Bits of Beauty} Lorick is as essential as Gossip Girl and Amelie. I must have this one, too. BTW, it has a killer open back. {Much like the back of the dresses S & B wore here.}

Oh heavens, I just looked again and want this dress! Afterall, I was a history major, so it was made for me. Thank goodness I don’t live near Judy’s store, because I’d own everything and would be homeless. Everytime I’ve looked today, I see a new dress pop up that I want. Perhaps I’ll start a dress fund and have all friends and family donate to it instead of giving me gifts.

All photos from Sunday Brunch dress shop with polaroid and editing by {Bits of Beauty}

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3 thoughts on “{sunday brunch: fall dresses}

  1. Man. Wish I had a budget to accommodate those dresses! I like the Yoana Baraschi Massai Ink Necklace Dress and the Heidi Merrick Kate Dress that you have featured. Thanks for sharing!

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