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Woo-hoo! It’s Thursday, tomorrow at this time I’ll be stepping off my plane and today’s guest is a rather amazing blogger. I’d love to meet Franki of Life in a Venti Cup some day. She also writes Life in a Sippy Cup, is an entrepreneur, and a mommy. She’s obviously a very busy woman, but she still has time to slow down and enjoy life. Here’s a few things she enjoys:

Bouquets of fresh flowers. This is likely to top every woman’s list, but I do have certain requirements for mine. For maximum visual impact, I adore a tight bouquet of a either one variety of flower or many flowers boasting a uniform color. I love the punch of color from a cluster of bright pink Stargazer Lilies or a compact bouquet of delicate pink roses. Classic. Simple. Beautiful. How can anyone help but smile when they see a perfect bouquet on a side table? It is the epitome of feminine chic and adds elegance to any space.

One of my daily pleasures is spending time outdoors in the sunshine. I love walking in the sun, paying attention to the beauty of nature around me. It centers me and grounds my appreciation for the many wonders of my life. Granted, I’m a city girl, so my idea of “outdoors” is a well-groomed neighborhood with tree canopied streets and well-maintained landscaping. But if I lived on the coast I would spend time on the beach every single day. I love the fierce power of nature that is all around. Even in a concrete jungle you can appreciate the way the sunlight falls on your face and the wind moves your hair. Nature is all around you and it is infinitely beautiful.

Fashion. I really do love it. As a woman, I feel it is my God-given right and responsibility to celebrate my femininity. Pretty heels, dresses, ruffles, lip gloss. I believe beauty really does come from within, and getting ready each day allows me to celebrate that beauty. I love the transformative powers that only a frilly dress can deliver, the mood-changing powers of the perfect pair of heels the feeling of glamour that only the perfect lip gloss can deliver. I absolutely love being a girl and strive to exercise my right to be feminine and frilly every single day. To me, feeling beautiful is at the very core of seeing the beauty around you.

And finally, being playful, happy and adventurous is to me, the real key to everyday beauty. Happy women are radiant. They live, they love, they laugh. They celebrate life. I see people out there waiting for life to begin. This is it! This is your moment! You have to seize it. Spend it with people you love. Try new things. Act a bit crazy. Go on an adventure. Go on an exotic vacation. Try new things. Celebrate living. People that “do” see the beauty and miracles all around them. If you over think life you’re going to miss out on the beautiful little moments around you every day. Grab someone you love and tell them how you feel. Hug more often. When you kiss the one you love, kiss them passionately. Stop waiting for life to happen. It IS happening and you won’t want to miss a single, beautiful moment.

So that’s it. That’s how I see and create beauty in my life every day. I hope this inspires you to make your life more beautiful!

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