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Today’s EBL guest is Alison of Frou Frou Fashionista. You might also know that she and her mom own an incredible lingerie store call Faire Frou Frou. It’s girl heaven! Her store recently sustained some water damage from a water main break and they are in the process of recovering, but there is always the online shop. Please support her wonderful shop by going online and buying yourself some lovely lingerie. Afterall, a girl can never have enough!

1. My mom and I own a business together (Faire Frou Frou)…a beautiful, inspiring business that makes me proud every single day. I love our bright space filled with the finest lingerie in the world, and scented of Diptyque rose spray. It’s a long way from my days as an accountant in a gray cubicle. It’s so important to spend time in a space that inspires you.

2.  Put me in a space with sunlight and a lovely bouquet, and I’m set! There’s a certain time of day where the lighting in my house is perfect…and to top it off I found some pretty roses in my yard. It’s such a simple look, but so profoundly beautiful.

3.  I think every woman can understand the importance of amazing shoes making you feel good. Though I wear ballet flats most of the time, there’s something empowering when you slip into something as stunning as these heels!

4. I just love pretty details and fun colors, and this photo captures it all. These are detail shots of several handmade panties in my store (by Strumpet & Pink). The ruffles, the buttons, the bows…perfection!

5. Just a quick spritz of your favorite fragrance, and you feel like a million bucks. Carrying the scent of a beautiful fragrance on your skin seems like such a luxury to me. I’ve always loved my perfumes, and still feel glamorous each time I wear it (which is daily!). It’s a simple, quick thing each of us can do.

6. Everyday beautiful life means surrounding yourself with little indulgences that make you feel special. For me, pretty shoes and lingerie are so special, and this little vignette captures the essence of what I enjoy. Colors, textures, scents and styles are the things I look for to create everyday beauty.

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1. Gail & Alison Faire Frou Frou; photo by Robert Evans photography, 2. Alison Rubke, 3. { via| Browns Fashions website, 4. Alison Rubke 5. KristyBee photography via This is Glamorous blog, 6. {via} Young Mind Blog

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