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Possibly one of the prettiest blogs around. Seven-Eight is a past {i heart} pick and run by Mimi who runs Mika78 stationary shop. Mimi has any eye for all that is pretty and inspiring. As our guest, she shares 5 things to make her and our lives everyday beautiful. {I love 4 & 5.}

1. {Old photos and letters from friends & family}

I’m preparing to move right now, so in the middle of all my crazy packing, I came across old photos, letters and cards I received throughout the years from friends and family. It was so nice to look back at my life through these mementos… it made me realize the importance of living a FULL life.

2. {Being inspired / the creative mind}

When I see creativity at its finest (design, packaging, photography, fashion, art, a movie, music, you name it), something inside of me just melts. There’s nothing quite like being inspired… it makes me deliriously happy!

3. {High heels}

Enough said. 😉

4. {A smile}

Sometimes when I walk down the street, someone will smile at me. Not in a weird “I’m about to kidnap you and sell your organs on the black market” kind of way, but a genuine, friendly smile. Strangely enough, it lifts my spirits. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s just that human connection. Now, whenever I see someone who looks down or sad, I try to smile at them (hoping they don’t think I’m about to kidnap them).

5. {Remembering to be better}

I love this quote. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives, huh? I’m definitely a victim of this, and I’ve found that the more I focus on myself, the unhappier I become. It’s so true that when you live for others, life has meaning far beyond what you could ever realize on your own. I think there’s so much hope and beauty in that.

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4 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: seven-eight}

  1. “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” I keep getting this message and similar versions thrown my way lately (or purposefully positioned where I will see it); in the movie Life as a House, in the movie Ghost Town, on my favourite show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, in the book I’m reading Ëat, Pray, Love, in my back injury which happened at the same time I was complaining about too much housework, and now here! Me thinks it is time to take this in…Wendy xxx
    .-= Wendy Sice´s last blog ..The Eiffel Tower =-.

  2. It’s the simple things in life that you forget or neglect, isn’t it? I mean, to smile, is easy…a reflex, even! I know I don’t feel like smiling every moment of every day, but to know that it could make someone feel just a little bit better for a brief moment, maybe when they really needed it, is enough for me to try to remember to smile. And, not in a crazy, stalkerish way…at least, I hope not!

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