I always thought freckles were cool as a kid. Little did I know that I’d have a good sprinkling of them on my cheeks and nose appearing in my 20’s. At first I freaked out, thinking “Oh no! Sun-damage! Pre-mature aging!”  I’m an olive skin brunette, so why else would I have freckles? One day, I had one of those skin evaluations. To my relief, my skin was declared perfect and with no signs of sun-damage. So, the sprinkles are indeed just freckles. I’ve come to adore them as a quirk. Before this blog moved to this address, it was listed as violetsnfreckles. It seems that violets {my perfume} and freckles are two of the things most frequently associated with the memory of me. I don’t mind it one bit.

What are your quirks? Your perfect little imperfections?

Photos: 1. ellen von unwerth 2. marie hochhaus 3. unknown

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