So, as I have been promising you, here is run-down of my time in NYC.

My flight arrived at 8:30 a.m. on Friday. After dropping my bag off with Jessie at her job, I walked straight up 5th ave to the Neue Gallerie. Ravenous upon my arrival, I had an incredibly soothing breakfast at the Cafe Sarbasky. I love that they serve you coffee on a silver tray with a little cup of water. Eating there feels like you’ve taken a step back in time. It also feels like a great secret, since so many people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it. I got to stand in a room full of Klimt’s works and stare at Bloch-Bauer for as long as I pleased. I like to imagine the painter applying each stroke of paint and guess his thoughts based on the brushstrokes. If you really pay attention you can see the pressure and the amount of paint that was on the brush for every stroke. Just a note of caution: Children under the age of 12 are forbidden.

Saturday I spent the day at the MoMA. I was very amused to see tupperware that my mother still owns displayed in a glass case. I have to say, I’d pay just to get in and sit in the sculpture garden. I got to see the tents going up at Bryant Park. I drank wine at Clo, with that crazy countertop interactive wine menu, which after the novelty wears off can be annoying. It is very cool to try at least once. 1 glass of champagne and 3 glasses of wine later, I cabbed it to Kash Kaval to meet my awesome friend Eva and her friend Mara. Jessie joined us not long after. Had more wine and yummy cilantro chicken. I stopped counting glasses.

On Sunday, we decided to dress up and have a ladies Sunday brunch. I wore my Lorick dress that I got from Sunday Brunch Dress Shop, appropriately enough. Jessie, having been recently introduced to the world of Mad Men, channeled Joan. Eva and Mara met us, too. I had what we now call “french loaf” {french toast that was so enormous that it was really at leas a 1/2 loaf} at Lodge in Williamsburg. There’s also a great little vintage shop across the street with some vintage Ferragamo and Chanel shoes waiting to be snatched up for under $100. We paid a visit to Beacon’s Closet where I scored some embellished heels and a TSE cashmere sweater, both under $25.

Sunday night, involved more food. First stop, 19 Greenwich Avenue to visit Sweetipie. Sweetiepie is child and grown-up girl heaven. I don’t need to explain why children would love a dessert shop with a giant birdcage in it. As for the grown-up girls: massive amounts of sweets {especially chocolate} + cocktails in kids glasses + pink & white decor = happy women.

{me, sasha, monica, & lisi}

On Monday, Sasha and I got to meet Lisi of the Beauty File & Monica of Ciao Chessa. We had a scrumptious brunch at 5 points. {May I suggest the mexican hot chocolate?} They are both such great women; I only wish I had more time with them. I look forward to seeing them again.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Topshop has some pretty freakin’ awesome stuff. Much of the best merchandise is not for the mild, but I know my readers can handle it. The sizing is a bit odd, although I’m wondering if they used the old fashioned sizing for the US conversions. I would advise patience and multiple visits; it’s a big store with tons of stuff. Also, be sure to dig deep. Look behind everything, because half of the merchandise is hidden behind other items, on purpose. As for the shoes, I’m convinced that half of them are only to be worn by models practicing to walk the runway. Ridiculously high things, but there were some cute lower {4-5 inch} options I almost took home.

On my last day, we had breakfast in the village and then headed to Tokyo Toy. Munchkin repeatedly asked me to bring him “something cool and not food” from New York, so Jessie suggested we visit TT. Great shop. I bought him a Max from Where the Wild Things Are bobble-head, a DIY Qee, and a little KidRobot. This whole world of toy madness is new to me, but I guess I should get used to it.

After mission toy was accomplished, we met Eva and her friend Katie at the Met. The current rooftop installment is stunning. If you have the chance, do visit. I’d love to spend a few days just wandering the museum and nerding out.

Last stop before we left was Max Brenner’s. I can’t wait to take the munchkin to Max Brenner {you either love it or you hate it. I’m obsessed with chocolate so you can guess what side I’m on.} The chocolate is overwhelming and so yum. We did have an annoying experience with our snooty waiter. We seemed to annoy him with our presence. The girls only ordered drinks, but I got dinner since I would not be eating on my flight. {No different than most of the people around us.} When he brought my card back for me to sign the bill, he looked around the table, thanked us for coming in faux-sweetness, and said “Come back for dinner sometimes, we have a great dinner menu.” Douchebag. My response was to write him a note on the bills that read: “Thanks for the tip about the menu. We can read.”

Unfortunately, Judy and I had conflicting schedules and as she put it, she’ll have to “maintain her mystery until next time.” Hopefully, I’ll be back very soon.

So a few random observations about NYC:
+ Everything seem so much cleaner
+ The cabs have calmed down enormously
+ Sometimes it feels like a game of degrees of separation!
+ People are much more forward with complimenting {and cat-calling.}
+ I realized how much I like walking and not driving everywhere

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Photos:  Neue Gallerie, Sasha Muradali, & Jessie Askinazi

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  1. What a fantastic trip!!! I just left NYC, where I lived for 4 blissful years. I miss it like crazy, so it was nice to live vicariously through your blog for a moment. You went to some fabulous places. :)

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