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In case you needed a reason to slap on black lipstick and go hang out in a cemetery… Seriously, who the hell looks that good with black lipstick?


Dear Louise, please stop being so f-ing amazing. Thanks. – envious women everywhere

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{everday beautiful life: art of jordan}

Holy oh my goodness, is it Thursday already? I think the more time you need the faster it seems to go! Well, if it is Thursday that means it’s time for {EBL} and a happy dance. Today our guest is artist and blogger, Jordan of Art of Jordan. She’s talented {see photo above}, can rock short hair better like Aggy or Rhianna, and she basically makes me want to go to Australia to have tea and eat chocolate with her. Today she gives us 10 things that make her life everyday beautiful.

Art is the shining light in my life. I can’t really express how vital it is to my life, soul and well-being. I’m in a really good place with my art at the moment – I can spend hours in my studio. I don’t know who I would be without it.

I’ve always loved animals. More than people quite often. I recently took in a shelter cat, Hilda. She’s my baby. There really is nothing better that a cat purring in your lap. Whenever I’m ridiculously sad she nuzzles me, purrs and looks up at me with big gooey eyes. Which just makes me cry more (with joy).

I’ll never forget the moment when I entered the blogging world – I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed it before. Regardless of who reads my blog, or who I have connected with through blogging, just the act of posting something that inspires me is liberating. I will continue blogging even if it’s to an empty room!

There’s nothing like brewing a teapot of delicious herbal tea. I have a big selection of teas in my studio. I love tea emporiums (T2 in Aus is ah-mazing), trying out new blends and varieties. Tea is incredibly soothing for frazzled nerves.

I’ve just spent the entire weekend in bed. Which I don’t like to do too often, but curling up under a fluffy blanket, silky cotton sheets and copious pillows is a temptation too hard to resist for me. Especially when Hilda curls up under the sheets with me.

I’ve always loved to read. I read a lot as a kid and have never stopped. For a time you can be totally lost in another world. I’ll daydream about the characters and storyline of a really good book when I’m not reading it. And regular reading improves your vocabulary exponentially. (I’m still flabbergasted at the number of people I know who have private school education and can’t spell properly…)

Show me a woman who doesn’t love shoes. My Mum always tells me I have a shoe fetish. I’ve lined all my favorite shoes up under my bed so I can admire them every day! A beautiful pair of heels gives your foot great structure, smoothes out your leg, adds a punch to your outfit – but more importantly – changes the way you walk. You strut. You feel sexy. Can’t argue with that.

Despite being the laziest person alive when it comes to hair styling – I adore a good hairstyle. I do some occasional hair modeling and let the stylists go crazy. They always create something that’s unusual but totally perfect for my features. It totally changes the way you feel (there’s a reason we transform our hair after a breakup!).

Really. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I love chocolate cafes especially (Guylian, Lindt, Max Brenner). ‘Chocolat’ is one of my favorite books. I reckon I could live on chocolate. Actually I think I have at times.

Talking with a friend the other day I mentioned that I know a song is good when it gives me the urge to twirl around a huge, empty room. Or dance like a maniac (depending on the tempo). I’ve recently discovered the acoustical delights of Sia and La Roux. On repeat…

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Excuse me while I wrestle with the urge to crawl back in bed as opposed to spending the next 8 hours or more doing research… Not that I don’t love research. {Nerd that I am, I do.} It’s just that my bed looks so inviting and yoga kicked my arse yesterday.

Le Sigh.

Photo by Tom Munro

{the great pumpkin}

The Great Pumpkin was on last night. I let the munchkin stay up past his bedtime to watch it. I’m a sucker for seasonal traditions and in my book, watching any Peanuts holiday special qualifies. More than likely, we’ll be picking out a pumpkin today, too. I’m sticking to the traditional jack-o-lantern faces this year, but maybe next year I’ll try something more elaborate, like the two below. I’m not sure the munchkin will like it, but I’m allowed to have my own pumpkin! He can have a Darth Vader pumpkin or something. I get glitter and Cinderella’s carriage. It’s a win-win situation.

{pumpkin & halloween ideas}
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Photos: 1. delideladelo 2. Milk Pockets, 3. Hallmark