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It seems that this is the month where I’m reminded of history that is personal to me. Perhaps, it is because I am presented with two women who will have another year added to their age this month. On the 28th of this month, my grandmother will turn 100. Today is my mother’s birthday.

All changes with age. Some say that beauty fades. I think it just changes and a new beauty emerges that is often missed. Some are proud of aging and some depressed by it. Either way, everyone is nostalgic. Everyone looks back at their story, their history.

We all have secrets and histories.

Unfortunately, we forget that the old were once young and as wild {if not more} than we are now. I wonder how many extraordinary stories have not been told. And, then I think of my own family and their history. I may have mentioned before that many times I finish a book, fiction or not, and see in it the drama and daring that has unfolded over the past 100 years for various members of my family.

To add to the irony, as of yesterday, I have yet another reason to reflect on the subject, which I will share with you soon…

In the meantime, perhaps you should dig around for the treasures that lie hidden in the past of your own family.

Photo by Yannick Labrous

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5 thoughts on “{age & history}

  1. Happy Birthday to the incredible women in your life! I think everyone still has a bit of that wildness in them still, no matter how old they are. My grandmother actually tried to teach me how to cartwheel when she was in her late 60s — and broke her foot doing it. I love how people can just amaze you sometimes.
    .-= Brandi´s last blog ..Outdoor Magic =-.

  2. Your grandmother will be turning 100 on the same day I turn 18. It’s incredible to think that she was born exactly 82 years before I was. That’s an incredible amount of history! I bet she’s lived a beautiful life. :)

    • Emily, she has amazing history that I wasn’t even aware of until recently. She’s such a strong character and has been through some very challenging times in her life, which she handled with grace.

      I hope you live as long and live a rich history of your own!

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