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This week, our EBL guest is Melissa of The Lil Bee. Melissa also launched a blog and iPhone app called the feather report, which was recently blogged about by Elle mag. Basically, if you need to know the forecast and what in the world to wear, well “there’s an app for that.” {Ya, I just had to do it.} I wonder if we could make an {EBL} app. Hmmm…

1. My dogs, Reggie and Paco make life more beautiful. Every single day they are happy. They stretch, yawn, run around in the sun, eat, and repeat. Nothing melts my heart quite like them.

2. Painting. In college I minored in it. I’d spend hours in studio, often until dawn, lost in whatever it was I was creating. The other day I broke out my brushes and worked on a miniature piece for the baby’s room. It was nothing monumental, but it felt good to get my hands dirty and play with color.

3. Snow. In particular, that quiet sound that comes with a heavy snowfall. And the way the sky turns peach color.

4. Old people. My grandparents were always a really strong presence in my life. When I see an old couple holding onto each other on the sidewalk, going about their day-to-day, I have to swallow back the tears. I miss my grandparents so much it hurts sometimes, but these little reminders are like messages from them that they’re doing OK and are always with me. Nothing is more beautiful than that.

5. Sitting around the fireplace drinking hot cocoa. Or eating homemade soup.

6. Love notes. I’ve saved every card and more than a few scribbled-on scraps of paper from my husband since we first started dating. His text messages, too…from my last three phones. They remain strategically placed in my inbox, so that I can stumble across them when I’m having a bad day. I’m not even that sappy of a girl, it’s just that when I read them they inevitably make me smile or laugh or both. Sometimes you just need a little perspective to pull you out of your own head and realize how lucky you are.

photos 1. Melissa Russo , 2. Athena Says, 3. Melissa Russo, 4. {via} Snuh, 5. Martha Stewart,  6. Celeste Photography

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12 thoughts on “{everday beautiful life: lil bee}

  1. This is a wonderful post. I love your EBL series and am so happy Melissa took part. Melissa’s blog was among the first blogs I started reading last November {along with Ciao, Chessa!} In many ways her blog served as a HUGE inspiration for me and gave me such confidence to start my own. So happy for that! I love all these things too…I used to paint, but haven’t in such a long time. My grandparents {My mom’s dad and my dad’s mom} were such big influences in my life. I miss them everyday. : )
    .-= thebeautyfile´s last blog ..She’s Still Got It! =-.

  2. I can always count on Bits of Beauty – and the everyday bits of beauty series to just make me smile and appreciate the simple things when I’m feeling run down – thanks to Jen and Melissa for sharing! :)

  3. Ooh, Love Notes. I find myself way too smitten with love notes. Glad to know I’m not the only one who saves adorable text messages – they’re so wonderful to look at when you need to feel loved by a cute boy! :)

    By the way, this is an amazing blog – I wouldn’t have even known it existed if I hadn’t stopped off to read more from Melissa. Love it! :)
    .-= Cafe Fashionista´s last blog ..Velvet Rope Giveaway =-.

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