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Today’s guest was one of the first to turn in her submission, which on many occasions I had to resist not posting earlier. Plush Palate has quickly become a go-to blog for all things stylish. It’s author, Crystal, always gives off happy vibes. The girl must know a thing or two about living an everyday beautiful life! Let’s get on to her post, shall we?

Coffee *This is quite possibly my favorite little pleasure in life :) It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning and ready to face the day ahead. For me, it represents that quiet time I have with myself before all the noise of the day kicks in.

Journaling * My most prized possessions are my beloved journals. They document the beauty, pain, hope, fear, and growth in my life. If ever I lost a journal, it’d be like losing a vast library into my heart. I treasure the catharsis and companionship writing has always gifted me with.

Traveling * It’s in my blood, it’s in my veins, it’s in the depths of my soul :) Perhaps that’s what ultimately led me to move to Italy after college, without a plan, without a job, without anyone, but armed with hunger and a dream! I fell in love with the place the same way you fall in love with a person – passionately and wholeheartedly.

Fresh Flowers * They never fail to put a smile on my face and make me happy. That’s why I always have fresh flowers in my apartment. I buy two bouquets every Sunday to get me through the week. They add instant life and joy to my life.

Food+Wine * Some of my best memories were made over shared meals. Good food and wine bring people together and feed the soul. Food should be enjoyed in all its raw and natural deliciousness (so none of the low fat, low carb stuff for me!)

Beautiful Spaces * I am of the breed whose happiness and productivity is very affected by the environment in which I am. For me, good design is not incidental, it’s a way of life. Being in a fabulous space makes you feel fabulous in return. When you are surrounded by beauty, balance, luxury and comfort, you can’t help but channel that same energy inside.

Running * This is my best medicine. It helps me feel strong and powerful. I love to run long distances, breathing in the fresh air, slowly drifting away from stress and into that wonderful thing known as runner’s high. I feel at my most beautiful after a long run – glowing skin+radiant eyes!

Sunbathing * Feeling the warm sun on my skin, on a beach, in a swimsuit makes me feel beautiful :) There’s something very nourishing about soaking up the sun and sexy about sunbeams dancing on your skin.

Friends * I am blessed to have so many loving friends all around the world! They have been my joys, my rocks, my partners in crime, my sources of laughter, my counselors, my shoulders to cry on, my mirrors, my party pals and my sisters. They have been there to challenge me, love me unconditionally and compassionately, and to always make me feel beautiful!

Love+Passion * All we need is love! Being with someone who makes you feel beautiful on the inside and desired on the outside is what every woman deserves!

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15 thoughts on “{everyday beautiful life: plush palate }

  1. Crystal your post is great, love it. I do agree with Caroline though, the running part is definitely not in my life. The fresh flowers, food + wine, and friends? Wholeheartedly agree!!

  2. Gorgeous! Crystal is indeed one of the most optimistic and happy people I know. I also buy a bunch of flowers on Sunday, it really is the perfect way to bring sunshine to each weekday. So great to have found your blog through Plush Palate!

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