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Could I be luckier? Really, I’ve had such fabulous guests in this series. Today our guest is Lynne of Tea for Joy. Lover of tea shops, typewriters, sustainability {yay!}, and design, Lynne is a writer based in the UK. Her list is simple and personal, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. {Am jealous about this whole Wandsworth Commons walk though!}

1. Wandsworth Common Walking through the common on the way to the train station everyday is an incredible blessing. I love being able to absorb some of nature before I start the working day. When I work at home, I try to go for a walk on the common every morning.

2. Small styling touches. I love to buy one bunch of flowers and divide them into lots of tiny arrangements – one flower in a milk bottle, another in a vintage teacup in the bathroom, and others in jam jars. It makes me a lot more cheerful. These flowers are out of season – but any yellow flowers are my favourites.

3. Shiny shoes. Anything glittery or shiny makes me happy – I love patent shoes and my favourite handbag is in a cracked silver.  I just bought these. and I recently saw this Nicole Farhi bag – just my style, if not my budget.

4. Good food. Although I still have a lot of progress to make, I try to eat healthily using seasonal food. When I’m working at home, I often make a Friday soup with any leftover vegetables. I am working hard on reducing my food waste.

5. Challenging myself about what is really important.  I recently watched an incredibly inspiring interview with Jessica Jackley of Kiva. She is the same age of me, but has co-founded an organization which makes $5 million loans a day to small entrepreneurs all over the world living in poverty. Shiny shoes and fresh flowers make me happy – but they are pretty insignificant.  Life is not worth much unless we help others make their lives more beautiful too.

photographs: {via} Lynne Robinson and weheartit

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