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When did it become so chic to wear glasses? They look absolutely fabulous, so much so that I’d want to wear them again. I’ve been wearing contacts since the 5th grade and can’t wait to do Lasik so I can wake up seeing clearly. {Seriously, I’m as blind as a bat! I can’t see the big E on the chart. Oh ya, that’s bad.} So, maybe I’ll get Lasik and wear faux glasses. I love the way they look, but can’t stand not being able to see out of the corner of my eye!

1. Plush Palate, 2. Michelangelo di Battista & 3. Nelson Simoneau {via} Fashion Gone Rogue

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6 thoughts on “{geek chic}

  1. Hahaha I hear yeah! Everyone’s always like, I love your glasses, why don’t you wear them out? Because I can’t see out the corners!

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