{yay for yoga}

I’ve gotten back into yoga and am happy to report that my little one has been introduced to the practice of yoga. The good news is that he loves it. The bad news is, children’s yoga is only once a week. I may need to buy a gong and set-up a room to practice with him. I do love the way the sound travels and fills the room. It’s like it goes right through you and tunes you. If you’ve never tried yoga, I suggest you give it at least a few. It may take you time to find the style that suits you, but you’ll begin to crave it, too. My preference? Kundalini and any sort of Hot Yoga.

photos: 1. Unknown, 2. Arai Godal, & 3.Venkatesh

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4 thoughts on “{yay for yoga}

  1. Love this layout – so pretty!!

    I just had to say that last pic on the Geek Chic post is one of my FAV Outfits ever!! I would totally wear this any day for any occasion – think I might have to get that blouse!!!

    Hope you had a great day doll!


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