{a month of creativity}

My personal theme for this month will be creation. I didn’t decide this; it just seems to have happened. I might as well run with it. So, if I have the urge to create something this month, I will not deny myself. I will take time every single day to focus on creativity. If I am feeling lazy or uninspired, I will force myself to relax through playful creation. I do not expect anything radical. In fact, I consider this a micro-habit I will develop.

I have increasingly had the labels creative, entrepreneurial, author, artist, visionary, and writer tacked on to my name. I have resisted and been reluctant to accept any of them, be it because of humility or fear. I don’t feel worthy of those titles. I’m going to put them to the test. I’ve never really given myself to any sort of creativity. So, for this month, I will.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Photos: 1. unknown 2. naa 3. Nelson Simoneau

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