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Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the tag set giveaway. If you didn’t win or missed that giveaway, we have a new one today. I figure I’d put this one up on Thanksgiving since it is open to only U.S. residents. Perricone is giving away a jar of Cold Plasma. If you don’t know anything about Perricone products, let me help you: amazing and not cheap {the cold plasma is worth $150.} My sister got a hold of Dr. Perricone’s books and did everything the books suggested. She lost ridiculous amounts of weight, her skin was amazing, and her boobs grew {I’m pretty sure that isn’t a typical outcome, but somehow they did.} If you are interested in any of the other products, {may I suggest the total body items and supplements} hop on over to the Perricone discount site.

You get one entry for each of the following:

1. Leave a comment below with your favorite skin/anti-aging tip

2. Tweet about it and tag @bitsofbeauty

3. Follow this blog {let me know in the comments section, too!}

The contest will run for two weeks, ending on December 10th. I’ll announce the winner on December 11th. Don’t forget to check in for all the other giveaways, too!

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23 thoughts on “{perricone discount & giveaway}

  1. My beauty tip – prevention! Start early. Even if you don’t see wrinkles, apply skin aging lotions and treatments anyways – especially around the eyes, and frown lines.

  2. My very best anti-aging trick is getting plenty of sleep and always, always washing your face before bed. I know it’s simple advice, but essential to beautiful skin.

    I also follow your blog on google reader.

  3. tweet — and another beauty tip:


    i haven’t found a foundation that i like b/c i hate the cakey, obvious lines/creases made by it. but i do wear base powder (and i prefer Laura Mercier). after applying my makeup for the day, i also her “secret finish” on top of everything. between that — and GOOD moisturizer — my skin keeps hydrated and the finish adds a touch of moisturize to avoid the cakey look of foundation.

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