{sequins & mirrors}

Behold, the bed of my dreams. It’s shiny and pretty. I’m not sold on the rest of the room, but the mirrored bed is a yes in my book. I’m very attracted to shiny and glamorous things, as evidenced in this post. I love mirrored furniture, but mirrored stairs or walls with mirrored tiles are sickeningly glam.

I’ll take a whole dress covered in sequins. {Doesn’t it make you think of the holidays?} Or, maybe just a few touches, like the one below. A sequined pillow or a wall covered in mirror can glam up the plainest of rooms. I think that would be a great solution for when you can’t paint a wall.

Photos: 1. Elle Decor, 2. & 3. Hunter & Gatty, 4. Adrian Briscoe, 5. Unknown

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6 thoughts on “{sequins & mirrors}

    • Maryam, I think I just shot coffee up my nose giggling at your comment. Maybe she can borrow a bit of meat from my thighs. I’m sure three of hers would be one of mine!

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